Hello everyone, my name is Chris and I’m a proud 4 year vegan.

I have personally designed this website “My Vegan Dishes” for anyone whom might be interested in understanding my own personal transformation to going vegan, so of course I’m starting with myself. I will showcase some of my own personal Vegan dishes to the world, in hopes to encourage others on my transformation. While at the same time showcasing my own vegan dishes to the world, my continuous focus will be to build this brand to a community of conscious health consumers that will further educate and encourage others to do the same.

This site is also intended to give viewer informative information as to what types of foods vegans eat, health benefits* and delicious simple recipes that anyone can afford on any budget.

Overall, I will showcase in some of my own various dishes an alternative cleaner eating lifestyle as I continue to build this brand to a beautiful community of conscious healthy consumers.


Why I chose the vegan lifestyle


Let me first start off by saying that my decision to chose the vegan lifestyle was not solely predicated around NOT eating animals, in the beginning. But within time of my journey of accepting the vegan lifestyle and truly understanding the moral concept behind going vegan, I then was able to establish a firm concert reason to NO longer consume any animal products anymore.