@bychris runs LA Sketchers 2017 Marathon Proudly On A Vegan Lifestyle

Wow! I don’t even know where to start off, but as the head line reads, “@bychris Runs LA Sketchers 2017 Marathon Proudly On A Vegan Lifestyle” was beyond an amazing experience for me! And to have completed the LA Marathon on a vegan lifestyle made the experience that much more memorable.

I truly had an amazing time feeling the genuine love and support from all whom come out to support the LA Marathon runners. People from all around were handing out water bottles, motivational support, oranges, power bars etc. just to keep everyone in attendance well energized as we ran past. The Support was highly appreciated! especially with this race being my first ever Marathon and to witness such a great supportive crowed, really help made running this 26.2 miles marathon enjoyable.

What were some of your favorite vegan food chooses preparing for this Marathon?

There were quiet a few popular vegan options on my list! some morning I would have a Amino plant base meal-prep that included Bananas, dates, flex seeds and a variety of other fruits. I would pretty much switch my diet up depending on the level of activity each particular day consisted of, so sometimes I’ll have a meal prep or I’ll go to one of my favorite vegan restaurants around Los Angeles. Ethiopian food is all ways popular on my list of food options as well as Indian food! and even though, water is not considered a food but staying hydrated was beyond most important of them all.


What would you recommend to someone whom is planning on running a Marathon on a vegan lifestyle?

From my own personal experience and training I would suggest that we pay close attention to our body needs and not to over work ourselves in the process of training. For me, I set myself up with a 4 month training plan that included cardio, weight lifting and meditation that I knew that was achievable along side my personal work like. So setting up a workout plan that fits our own personal needs would be beneficial in helping us stay focus on our marathon goals.

I hope this posting was helpful or beneficial, if so please comment below and let me know what you think! – Peace and Love