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Cool Ways To Enjoy Your Medjool Dates! – @bychris

I’m back with another one of my Cool Tips & Recipes and this time it’s with cool ways to enjoy your Medjool Dates!

Now I’m sure that there is more ways to enjoy your Dates than what I’m going to share with you but for now I’m going to share with you my three personal favorites.


Medjool Dates Meal Prep!


This Medjool Date meal prep is one of my personal favorites that I will like to start off with!

This meal prep consists of Bananas, Dates, Cinnamon, Blue berries, Flex seeds and natural spring’s water. You could add any types of fruits or veggies as you would like but for me I used these ingredients listed.

I normally make this type of meal prep before and after my 5mile runs and workouts. In addition, I also made a few of these Date Meal Preps while training for the Los Angeles 2017 Marathon; it really helped me out a lot.

The natural sweetness from the Medjool Dates help gives this meal prep a natural sweet taste so you do have to bother adding and additional sweeteners for flavoring.


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Medjool Dates and Almond Butter

Eating Medjool Dates with Almond butter is also another cool way to eat your Dates!

I was recommended this snack from another one of my fellow vegan friends, whom was excited that I enjoyed this unique mixture of Almonds and Dates together and now sharing this wonderful tasty little dish with the rest of the world.

At first I would admit that I was a bit skeptical about mixing the two together, now trying it puts a whole new twist to the combination.

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Eating Your Medjool Dates Plan

Last but not least, eating your Medjool Dates plan and as they are will always be the most organic way to eat your dates. And for those whom have never tried Dates and are curious about them are in luck because I’m going describe my first experience with you for future references.

The first time you look at the Date, it similarly resembles a raisin and that’s because Medjool Dates is part of the raisin family. The taste of the date also resembles the raisin, once you bit into the date, it almost tastes as if you’re biting into a smooth tasty caramel cluster with a pit in the center as the Medjool Dates has one in the center.

In the picture to the side, are a jar of Dates that I keep in the fridge. I enjoy my dates sometime cold as you can tell.

Thank You!

I hope that this posting on Medjool Dates was informative to everyone as I will be updating everyone with cool ideas! And If have any questions or concerns about anything please feel free to let me and don’t forget to shop My Vegan Dishes!

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