Welcome To My Personal Active And Fitness Page!

I personally wanted to build this Active & Fitness page here on my website to give a more detailed insight to some of my personal fitness activities whether it’s my daily runs, Marathons or just anything I have going on in my active life. So yes, there will defiantly be cool tips with imagery and content.

In addition, I will introduce other active and fit individuals from time to time to further help encourage others to continue their own fitness goals. Your fitness goal could be to lose weight? Gain muscles? Or to just stay fit! Either way, I give content on here that might help based on my personal experiences in some of these areas.

My Vegan Diehse - The App (coming soon)
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My Vegan Dishes App Coming Soon!

Like majority of us we are on busy schedule (Work, Kids, family etc.) and it’s a challenge to stay motivated and encouraged especially within our regular working lives, so I’m personally in the process on building a (My Vegan Dishes APP) where everyone can stay updated on majority of My Vegan Dishes   various activity, alongside some of My Vegan Dishes social media feeds and content. And don’t let me forget that there will be plenty of special promos, discount codes and more.

Till then make sure to shop here at Myvegandishes.com/shop ! – @bychris