Los Angeles C.A Juicy Heatwave!

This week in Los Angeles California has been pretty warm out, with temperatures reaching 95 degrees and close to 107 degrees in certain areas like the valley. I know even around the world some temperatures may consistently reach over 95 degrees or even here in the US, we could find a few states with consistent temperatures that some of us would consider being pretty unbearable. None the less, I personally enjoy the heat but capitalizing on an unprepared heatwave is also more enjoyable.

So I state that to say this, how are we hydrating ourselves during this heatwave and increase temperature changes? Are we drinking soft drinks, soda, juice, water? Let me know! Make sure to leave a comment below!

Mango juice for this heatwave!

I don’t know about you but I enjoy juicing my fruits, especially on hot sunny days like this week! This week surly caught me off guard with this sudden heat wave and busy schedule as usual, but I was slightly unknowingly prepared.

Most of the time, I have various different types of fruits laying around my home in one of my fruit bowls and just so happen to have four mangos in total. The night before, I had reorganized one of my cabinets where I keep my grains stored were Chia Seeds and I honestly can’t remember the last time I eaten them. At that moment it all dawn on me to make a mango juice with Chia Seed! And it was amazing!

Organic Mango Juice | @bychris

Really simple to make!

First I sliced the skin off the mangos and placed the remaining’s in my blender. Second, I added 1tbsp of Organic Chia Seeds into the blender along with the mango slices. Third, I added 7oz of 100% Natural Springs Water in the blender along with the mango slices and chia seeds. You can add less or more water as you like depending sweet you like you juices. And last, I add crushed ice to give the juice that frothy texture!

I hope this post finds you well, I know it did for me! And I’m sure that everyone will come up with all different types of creative ideas as to what different types of fruits you can add into your smoothie like blueberry’s, limes or even kiwi.


  • 1 glass Jar
  • 1tbs Chia Seeds
  • 100 % Natural Springs Water
  • (1) Mangos
  • Crushed ice
Organic Mango Juice | @bychris

I hope that this posting was informative to everyone as I will be updating everyone with cool ideas that I come up with! And If have any questions or concerns about anything please feel free to let me and don’t forget to shop My Vegan Dishes!