MVD : Treadmill vs. Outdoor running! 🏃🏿

When it comes to running outdoors there’s no better feeling than smelling the fresh air and viewing the beautiful landscapes as I run passed! I’ve always been accustomed to running outdoors for various reasons and the feeling of the sun exposure touching my skin alone is just the best.

Now on the other hand, I can’t say the same for running indoors on a treadmill but indoor running can have some great advantages too. Lately I’ve been running indoors mainly for convenience purposes and come to find out it’s not bad at all, just a little different. I’m use to running a couple of miles and viewing nature while doing so for 3miles and the feeling is a bit different.


Nature working out with @bychris of My Vegan Dishes
Working out with @bychris of My Vegan Dishes

 Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds!

In fact, I actually come to really enjoy the indoor workouts for the simple fact it’s less time consuming than having to get ready to drive out to a location to start my run. For now on, I’ll balance my work outs to working indoors one week and one week outdoors for the balance of both.

I know that this was a random post but I thought that it might be helpful for those whom might be deciding on setting up their own personal workout schedule. And getting familiar with how other individuals  are going about setting up their workout schedules could be beneficial to everyone to help make great decisions!

So what’s your intake! Do you enjoy running indoor on a treadmill or outdoors and why!?

Let hear what your workout schedule is like!!!