My Vegan Salads | @ByChris

Hello everyone! welcome to another one of my Cool Tips & Recipes!

Today I will like to share my process on how I prepare some of my various vegan salads for whenever I’m on the go, after a complete full workout or just to have something clean and healthy.

So! ….The first process starts with finding a salad bar with a great selection of mix veggies, grains and fruits that you can enjoy. It can be a restaurant, grocery store or even a Farmers Market. If you are uncertain of which salad bar to try, then visit a few and just browse their selection to get a idea of there options.

When I first enter the salad bar with my plate, I then first head over the Greens section of the salad bar where the options will be either spinach, kale, lettuce or swiss chard etc. I like to rotate my veggies whenever I go to the salad bar.

After getting my greens, I head over to the grains section, this my favorite section by the way! where the options are unlimited in my opinion because of the vase selections. Sometimes Bristol Farms has this Almond and kale salad mix with quinoa! it’s delicious! sometime I make I at home.

And Last, after getting my veggies and grains, I then add some mix veggies that pairs well with my salad as you can see in some of my pictures listed here on this post. And again, I also mix my veggies depending on what I feel like eating, so olives, chick peas, pumpkin seeds, mushrooms just to name a few are always on my favorite list of items that I like to add to my many different salads.


I personally enjoy Bristol Farms and Whole foods salad bar because each market selection varies everyday, so at times Quinoa may be a popular dish for the day and the chef making the quinoa may mix it up with other veggies and grains, which I think is cool. And the next day might be a mix Chick Pea mix with veggies, so you just never know what each market item selection of the day might be at the salad bar at times, plus you can pick and choose your own items like i do most of the times.

I hope that this posting has helped you in some way! if so please comment below and let me know what you think! Thanks!!